When it rains, it pours.

You’ve heard the saying and it’s mostly meant to describe an unfortunate event that just keeps getting worse. Like Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

And the only thing that can mess with an island vacation is, of course, rain. There are obviously much worse things that could happen, like losing your luggage, get bitten by a bunch of mosquitos…or a shark. Being sucked into a tornado. Getting eaten by a shark which comes flying from the sky because he was sucked into a tornado. But that’s a whole different movie.

In my movie, me and my babe were sippin’ frozen margaritas by the pool, while the white umbrellas were shielding our milky white complexion from the scoring, I’m sorry, pouring…rain.

In times like these the term »island time« really kicks in. Like the time between Christmas and New Year’s, when you don’t know which day it is or if you have to put on pants.

The perfect time to do some bloggin’, so we grabbed the camera and snapped some outfit inspo.

I present to you, the »White top series«.

When in doubt, wear white.

While you can get away with this on island time, wearing white after Labor Day is a big fashion fopaux.

A white off-the shoulder top compliments bronzed shoulders perfectly and an interesting structure just adds that oomph!

Pair it with some basic jeans or a tribal pattern skirt, throw on some heels and throw them away after the fifth margarita for a romantic long walk on the beach.