I don’t know what it is with us babes and boots. The shoe obsession is nothing new and it has become kind of a sexy addiction. And then there are high heels. It’s funny how something that hurts so much, looks so good.

»I don’t have a fear of heights, you’ve seen my shoes. «

No one made a more stylish case for shoe hording than Carrie from Sex and the City and what I loved the most – she didn’t feel the need to justify it, not even once.

So if the next time someone gives you that look, paired with »How many pair of shoes do you have? «, feel free to jam that spiked Gianvito Rossi heel in his eye.

Well, except the excruciating pain that creeps up on you after the first drink and appetizers, boots feel like a hug. For your leg. And I mean that sexy hug you get from your hot piece of boyfriend or friend of a friend you’ve always thought was so hot, he could melt ice cream just by smiling ad it.

If you want to be on the fast track of fashion this season, thigh high boots are a must. Red ones. Saten. 

The best part is, you can pair them with anything. Jeans, skirts, oversize sweaters…Just remember to keep things cool, the boots are sexy enough, no need to add to it.

Julia Roberts may have made it work in Pretty Woman, but you know… That was for theatrical purposes.

And here are some ideas for your next retail therapy.