Fall yes!

That’s what I’m talking about. The time of year I can walk around with a giant scarf that looks like my couch blanket (sometimes it actually is my couch blanket) and drink hot wine, swirling it with a cinnamon stick.

Yes that’s a thing, look it up, people.

Anyhow, it’s also the perfect time to reminisce about the summer memories.

And the summer body. See you again next year, my sun kissed, not so toned friend!

Love the mirror app on this Corner Rocket.

After the first few business days with Rok’s shows and my photo-shoots we finally ditched the air-conditioned hotel and went into – the air-conditioned car.

This breakfast shot was taken at 6.am, before the shoot. “No crew members were exposed to toilet hugging after this falafel”.
Love is one the asphalt.

We rented one and headed to our first must-see on our list. One of the Seven Wonders of the World – the historical city of Petra. After we successfully maneuvered out of the steel death trap that is the city of Amman, the landscape opened up and we could see nothing but a never-ending line of asphalt that made its way through the sand.

If your road trip stop at the gas station doesn’t look like you’ve given an unsupervised child 50 bucks in a candy store, you are doing it wrong.

Needless to say, we were dying for some real food when we reached the hotel.

The view from the Marriott in Petra is just breathtaking. He dove into the pool, I dove into my mojito, the sunset was about to start… Aaand then came the Japanese tourists with their enormous lenses and tried to capture the light. That lasted for 2 minutes, until they spotted a cat.

Romance at its finest!

To reach the entrance of Petra, you first have to walk through a passage which opens up with a ray of light. Then you see it – the Pepsi stand. I’m kidding. That’s the second thing you see.

From the local “entrepreneurs” who are trying to sell you everything from Coke to donkey rides aside, it really is amazing. The entrance fee is about 60 dollars, but it includes other sights in the area. A few km from the main attraction is the so called Little Petra. Is not as majestic, but there a fever tourists.

Of we went to the actual desert, Wadi Rum. I can still feel the hot sand on my back while we were…

you know… laying down after dinner. =p

While I was busy getting out sand from places I didn’t know you can get sand in, he was busy sand-surfing. Later, the roles have been reversed.

We dragged our sand soaked bee-hinds into the car, heading to the last point, the chill point. The Dead Sea. Where the party scene matches the name. Like two old farts we slathered ourselves with mud, laid in the sun and floated around in the salt forever.

And that’s how prosciutto is made.