Him: »Are you wearing my shirt?«

Me: »Yes.«

Him: »Why?«

Me: »I like what it’s made of.«

Him: »And what would that be?«

Me: »Boyfriend material.«

Aaaand we have a smile! Dodged that bullet!

We’ve all seen the pics and movie scenes from a hot young thing wearing nothing but the guy’s shirt in the morning, holding a cup of coffee. Of course we’ve all seen the pictures of a hot young thing making pancakes in nothing but a thong and let me tell you… Nothing says »Put some pants on« more than grease spatter on your thighs.


So, when does the boyfriend shirt become less hot and more annoying? Now you’ve made me talk about the relationship “comfort curve” which extent is in direct proportion to how much you don’t want to leave your couch on a Friday night. That’s just sweatpants relativism.

While wearing his boxers as shorts or getting Pringles over his favorite hoodie is sometimes inevitable – there’s another way to go. Put on his t-shirt over some smokin’ hotpants and still look like you know what you are doing.

As for the thong pancakes – save your thighs, wear pants!