You utter these words every time you try to pull on those skinny jeans after a whole week of crash dieting and calling grocery shopping »cardio«, when you meet your mom for coffee and she asks when you’re planning to grow out those bangs which you got just to grow out your eyebrows without looking like two caterpillars taking a nap on your face.

These three little words provide comfort and are the equivalent of the »I’m fine« response. You most likely are not, but you have got to tell yourself these three little words so you don’t’ lose it. Or gain it. 5 pounds. But who’s counting?


So, let me tell you about my blogger’s process.

I get up at 6.00 or 6.05 am. I definitely don’t hit that snooze button like Offspring, I get out of bed immediately. Then I go to the gym and don’t spend half an hour deciding whether or not to bring hair shampoo because I’m not sure if those bangs havE got another day in them.

When I come home, I drink my green smoothie and certainly not the leftover cheesecake from yesterday. Then I sit behind my well organized desk, which I most certainly don’t use for stacking magazines, mugs and 10 different nail polish shades. I don’t have to leave my phone in another room because I am not tempted by the feeds and the comments, because I understand social media does not hold the answers I seek. And outfits I need. Sometimes I’m amazed by the amount of self-control.

Then I wait for inspiration to strike. My muses visit me almost every day, like clockworks. They’re from Switzerland and therefore extremely wise and patient. They told me to get bangs.

Sometimes the muses don’t visit. Then I calmly accept the situation and take a long walk. I don’t binge watch a season of Friends because Chandler is my spirit animal as a break from the immense stress that is sitting down at a desk. And I certainly don’t write in bed because it would be kind of like »Carrie in Sex and the City«.


So, that’s basically my process. It’s all about consistency. Because, you know…

It’s a process.